About UsOld-fashioned service never goes out of style

Prestige Communications Delivers Satisfaction & Savings To Your Bottomline

Prestige Communications (originally called Pointe South Telecommunications) is a family-owned business that was founded in 1982 by Irene Pierce, who was encouraged by doctors seeking a professional, local answering service to care for their patients when they were unavailable.

In 2001, the company changed its name to better reflect its commitment to quality…to maintaining the reputations of clients by responsibly and professionally caring for their patients or clients/customers. Recognizing that such personal and professional service never goes out of style, Irene passed the torch to her son, Jonathon, who became the company’s president/CEO in 2003.

Despite the pessimism of some in the business world when it was thought that answering machines, voicemail, and mobile devices would “transform” the market and render answering services obsolete, the Pierces knew better. They knew that Prestige would thrive since the key to long-term profitability for any business is customer satisfaction. They also knew that savvy business professionals would recognize that there is no substitute for the personal service and a smiling person on the end of a phone to make people feel good about doing business with them—to convey their “we care” attitude.

In addition, under Jonathon’s management, the company has expanded services beyond the traditional answering service with additional services, many of which have been added to the company’s offering as a result of someone asking, “Can Prestige do that...?”

Prestige Communications is a proud member of:

  • Association of TeleServices International
  • Southern Telemessaging Association