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Address: 288 Hwy 314, Suite B, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Phone: 770.991.1107



Why Choose Prestige?

With Prestige Communications on your team, count on:

  • no expenses for recruiting, training, and retaining an employee to answer your phones or to make calls for you.
  • no worries about the day that person calls in sick or takes a vacation.
  • no benefits to pay, and no overhead.
  • no costly wages when an employee takes a break or does something personal while at work.
  • well trained professionals who represent you with a smile and to deliver messages to you as you instruct
  • a system that can easily accommodate changes to answering/dispatching instructions at a moment’s notice or customized “per person” based on preferences of your doctors or managers
  • state-of-the-art delivery of messages based on your preference (text, email, phone, pager) and/or dispatching on-call staff for emergency callers per your instructions.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications. Visit our Employment Opportunities page for more information.

Our Clients Say:

"The success of my firm depends a great deal on our reputation. I have put my faith in Prestige and they have never let me down. I have recommended them to colleagues and all of them have been as impressed as I have been. Prestige has proven to me there is no way I could go back to the old way of doing business."

--Sean H. Joyner, Esquire

“We consider Prestige an extension of our office…and the staff at Prestige has never let us down. They are always willing to go above and beyond, not only looking for a solution should a situation occur, but making sure problems are avoided. They are professional, courteous and a pleasure to business with. We highly recommend Prestige!”

--Alicia W. Senn,
Conyers Pediatrics, PC